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Re: my web site

Allan and all,

I put Allan's feast of links, along with some others, into my
www.tjoccam.com website. This idea of a REPL program (and I didn't even
know the acronym) sure seems nice, and I hope Transterpreter or some other
group has implemented it. If you think in full-up TACLI terms (see my
white paper), then maybe the functional vs imperative distinction becomes
unimportant, and the design principles allow baby steps all the way there,
even if the resources and channels are implemented clumsily. Thanks,
Allan, for showing me that the "Complete" in TACLI could have such an


> It's probably worth noting here that erl, the program to which Larry is
> referring, is the standard way of invoking the Erlang virtual
> machine/runtime
> system. By default, the runtime starts a "shell" process that provides a
> read-eval-print loop, as well as a few commands for managing any other
> Erlang
> processes running on the VM. The shell can be disabled via command-line
> switch.
> There are a few projects to compile Erlang to native code, but AFAIK most
> Erlang
> programs are compiled to byte code and run on the erl VM.
> I know that the Transterpreter group has developed a multi-platform occam
> VM
> which runs transputer byte code, but I'm not sure if it provides a REPL or
> not
> (I'd assume that the imperative nature of occam makes a REPL less
> attractive).
> Perhaps if someone associated with the Transterpreter is reading this they
> could fill us in.
> Allan
> Quoting tjoccam@xxxxxxxxxxx:
>> Hi all,
>> I just got a really nice list of Erlang (and occam) links from Allan
>> McInnes, and it stimulated this question. If you look on
>> http://www.erlang.org/starting.html
>> you find that Erlang offers an "emulator", erl, a PROGRAM which runs on
>> a
>> standard system and acts as a kind of command-line TDS, permitting you
>> to
>> write and play with simple programs. Is there anything similar for
>> occam?
>> I looked at Fred Barnes' page and the KROC homepage, and it didn't jump
>> out at me - just standard compiler suite tarballs.
>> Larry
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