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I'm newly added to the list; please excuse the delay in getting back to you, Allan.

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From: Allan McInnes <amcinnes@xxxxxxxxxx>

I know that the Transterpreter group has developed a multi-platform occam VM which runs transputer byte code, but I'm not sure if it provides a REPL or not (I'd assume that the imperative nature of occam makes a REPL less attractive). Perhaps if someone associated with the Transterpreter is reading this they
could fill us in.

The Transterpreter is a cross-platform VM for executing compiled bytecode. We currently do not have anything resembling a REPL built into the VM simply because we do not, at this time, have a compiler capable of operating in this manner.

I certainly do appreciate the attractiveness of a REPL; I spend a great deal of my time developing in Scheme, and greatly value the interactivity a REPL affords. However, a REPL does present a number of thought problems for a CSP-based langauge. For example, any attempt to develop a REPL would require us to be able to execute incomplete process networks, so you could develop and execute individual processes one at a time. I can imagine ways the Transterpreter could support this kind of incremental development process, but it isn't terribly high on our development wishlist---largely because we'd have to build the compiler support, too. I mean, we could try and lean on Fred, or some other member of the community, to build it, but really---if we wanted it, we'd probably be expected to build that support into both the compiler and interpreter.

So. It's interesting to think about, but we don't have a compelling reason to put it on the roadmap, yet. We're open to discussion as to why we should consider it, though.

Related, in a way:

It may be of interest to this list that the Transterpreter has now gone open source, and an anonymous SVN now exists[1]. We aren't calling it "1.0" yet (everything we want in place for a "1.0 release" isn't complete), but decided it was time to open things up. We also have open discuss and announcement lists, and a newly created 'tvm-dev' list[4], for people who are interested in participating in the future development of the platform. Currently, the 'dev' list is the most active, as we have moved all of our internal, group development messaging to that list. All of these lists are linked in from [2].

[1] http://www.transterpreter.org/wiki/SVN_Download
[2] http://www.transterpreter.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists