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Re: my web site

It's probably worth noting here that erl, the program to which Larry is
referring, is the standard way of invoking the Erlang virtual machine/runtime
system. By default, the runtime starts a "shell" process that provides a
read-eval-print loop, as well as a few commands for managing any other Erlang
processes running on the VM. The shell can be disabled via command-line switch.
There are a few projects to compile Erlang to native code, but AFAIK most
programs are compiled to byte code and run on the erl VM.

I know that the Transterpreter group has developed a multi-platform occam VM
which runs transputer byte code, but I'm not sure if it provides a REPL or not
(I'd assume that the imperative nature of occam makes a REPL less attractive).
Perhaps if someone associated with the Transterpreter is reading this they
could fill us in.


Quoting tjoccam@xxxxxxxxxxx:

> Hi all,
> I just got a really nice list of Erlang (and occam) links from Allan
> McInnes, and it stimulated this question. If you look on
> http://www.erlang.org/starting.html
> you find that Erlang offers an "emulator", erl, a PROGRAM which runs on a
> standard system and acts as a kind of command-line TDS, permitting you to
> write and play with simple programs. Is there anything similar for occam?
> I looked at Fred Barnes' page and the KROC homepage, and it didn't jump
> out at me - just standard compiler suite tarballs.
> Larry

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