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Re: my web site

Hi all,

I just got a really nice list of Erlang (and occam) links from Allan
McInnes, and it stimulated this question. If you look on


you find that Erlang offers an "emulator", erl, a PROGRAM which runs on a
standard system and acts as a kind of command-line TDS, permitting you to
write and play with simple programs. Is there anything similar for occam?
I looked at Fred Barnes' page and the KROC homepage, and it didn't jump
out at me - just standard compiler suite tarballs.


> Hi,
> You're all invited to look at my new website, http://www.tjoccam.com
"Solid Ground in Computing". It was in response to an email exchange with
> Mark Bereit, the author of the article Eric linked below. I hope it can
> its bit to promote the POP cause.
> What's missing is a section with reference links. I want to include
> too, not just occam. These are for newbies, which is what just about
anyone is nowadays. Mark has convinced me there are people out there who
really want what we have to offer.
> Let me know any ideas... Eric already gave me one.
> Larry