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SV: Programming prioritisation

UK mainlanders and others.

I wonder where this thread started? At CPA-2012 I think it was said that in Bill Roscoe’s “latest book” he shows that PRI ALT is

… not wanted? ... not needed? … plain wrong? … ok, provided?

I do see that Roscoe has published quite a lot even this year http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/people/publications/personal/Bill.Roscoe.html. (Or was it Steve Schneider, but on Amazon I see nothing very new from him). I have seen one of these names in a mail comment lately, but I can’t find it! Anyway, I’d appreciate more precise statements:

1.      What was the source of this?

2.      And a brief explanation of what was stated, and the context?

I did start a little blog note yesterday, it’s somewhat off-topic to the core of this discussion, but I would like to put in a little about the (pros and) cons of PRI ALT. See http://www.teigfam.net/oyvind/home/047-priority-select-in-go/ (I’d like comments, but it’s very crude at the moment, my suggestion is probably wild or wrong, but there is a point, at least to trash, there). If I do quote this thread, how should I do it?

Med vennlig hilsen / sincerely
Øyvind Teig

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