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Occam-Tau - the natural successor to Occam-Pi

Hi friends,

I've been reading through papers from Abertay with the usual mixture of cheerful excitement and a little frustration that there's more we could do. So...

I've been jotting down thoughts on a new version. ÂI called it Occam-Tau coz the idea of Tau (=2*Pi) representing wholeness, a completion of a turn, a full circle, makes it the natural successor to Occam-Pi (which is dare I say, tongue half in cheek, "half-finished"?!).Â

Occam-Pi brings maturity to the good ideas on concurrency. Most of the bases are covered. Job done... ÂWell, only "half" done. If you want to include some sequential code in Occam-Pi, it's still, frankly, the same mess it was in back in the '80s. ÂOccam-Tau is about the completion of that circle. Â

Can we have a language please that is capable of both small scale and large scale projects?

My thoughts are written down on my Google Drive which I will share and invite you to comment on. ÂLet's make this a discussion about the language. ÂBut more so, let's also make this a discussion about implementation - ideas are fun but fruitless without implementation.

I look forward to your comments,
Rick Beton