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Re: Occam-Tau - the natural successor to Occam-Pi - or is there one already?


Funding for research may very well exacerbate the problem, producing a hideous plethora of languages, whereas funding for action, within a commercial environment, I think could be justified, perhaps even fought for and won, despite the degree of commitment – the cost, both in product integrity, and in productivity, of the current situation is enormous and demonstrable, I think.  The problem then is persuasion.  Although we have a body of work showing the potential, dating back decades, the CPA paradigm still does not have a comprehensive text.

I think it's easier to get 'em while they're young.  The new opportunity is to target a textbook at GCSE Computing students in support of the requirement to complete a significant software project.  The Plumbing book by the Transterpreter folk could be built up to that I think, though it would need professional production.  (If you're listening guys, consider it an offer.)  That leaves a more comprehensive volume needed for the pro and academic markets.

I do plan to write one, but cannot do it for years yet.


Ian East
Open Channel Publishing Ltd.
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