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RE: Parallel programming, Arduino and the good kind of trouble

Hi Adam

Sorry - it was because I couldn't find any links back from the article - did you know these guys were using it? I don't know how my son picked it up - he works on PVRs and STBs, but when he was a kid did play around with some of my transputer kit. He has been playing around recently with an XMOS board in his spare time (somewhat limited with two young kids however).

On another point that might interest a few people. The next big thing in embedded systems at least as far as EU funding is concerned is systems of systems, and especially tools for these. If anyone is interested in this, they can get in touch with me, as I am also planning to put together some projects in this area in the next call for proposals.

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"Tony Gore" <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Does anyone know anything about it?

Yes -- we developed it! The software is a spinoff of the Transterpreter
work that's been going on at Kent and elsewhere for the last few years;
on the AVR, it's effectively an extended T2 Transputer emulator, taking
advantage of the occam-pi compiler and libraries from KRoC. The hardware
can be a stock Arduino, or the concurrency.cc board which has more LEDs
and a more flexible power supply.

Have a poke around the web site for more information:

Adam Sampson                                         <http://offog.org/>