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Re: CSP and Actor Comparison

On 11/05/2010, at 12:31 PM, Sarah Mount wrote:

the link to http://vl.fmnet.info/csp/ labelled "The CSP Archive" (at
the bottom of the page) is broken and should probably be removed.

The same content now seems to be at http://formalmethods.wikia.com/ wiki/CSP . I've fixed the link.

I notice that, in general, there's a bit about CSP the calculus, but
little if anything about CSP the programming style or common idioms
that might attract practitioners.

Yes, the article is pretty tightly focused on CSP the process algebra. That's probably partly because that's what you'll find if you pick up a textbook on CSP, but also because Wikipedia favours articles on well-delineated topics and prefers articles not be too long. A discussion of "CSP the programming style" would most likely fit better in a different article.

Also, please note that Wikipedia really isn't the right venue for describing "common idioms that might attract practitioners" - Wikipedia articles aren't meant to be howto manuals, and the Wikipedia community tends to frown on active promotion or advertising. Something on common idioms might be better placed in a Wikibook ( http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Main_Page ). That'd also give you more scope for getting into detail, or showing examples from different languages. In fact, a community-written textbook on the CSP approach to programming might be a really useful resource, and a great way of preserving the lessons learned by the old occam community.