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Wishes for the workers anno 2007

Wishes for the workers anno 2007

Some say we are a loner,
after all the world isn't black.
It looks like black because some paint it black.

Some say there's no logic,
after all the world isn't for loonies.
It looks like that because some like to take it all.

A Möbius strip is the ultimate time warp machine.
It hits you in the face if you don't follow its thread.
Unless you posses the fifth dimension.

There ain't no sugar cubes unless there's some logic in the squares.
Atom to atom, link to link. Even with Schrödinger's cat, sugar is.

Gentle is the breeze, moist is the air. I see a sea of grains.
None are equal but they create a silvering beach.

From every node, I see a line of thought.
Some will reach for the stars,
Some will only reach the beach,
But the essence is, they reach.

What would music be if we just played the tones?
After all harmonics make up the sound.
What would a forest be if we cut it short?
After all blossoms make up the color.

No man is equal, it better be.
All I want is equal opportunity,
It better be.

Looking beyond makes you dream.
Looking back makes you wonder why.


Credo in unum mundum

Mankind's horizon is expanding
But the masters live in yesterday.
Workers all over the world, unite !

Nations defend borders
Like dogs marking trees
But now we ride the wires
Looking beyond the walls.

In the virtual single universe
There are no trees to bark at.
Mind space over body space
No more body counts.

Minds all over the world, unite !

(this was in 1998), a tick closer to reality.