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Re: my web site (was: RE: Occam and the parallel Playstation)

Hi Ian,

I explained in an earlier posting why I preferred to let "Process-Oriented
Programming" override all the other terms, including my own
(Resource-Oriented Programming). For one thing, it includes non-CSP
languages like Erlang. Secondly, it was by far the most popular term among
the people who responded in the flurry of postings after my "Is OO a
deliberate fraud?". Thirdly, it rejects "Object-Oriented Programming" by
implication (someone cited this as a threat, but I consider it clarity).

It's clear, though, that POP should mean the same thing as CPA, and the
"communicating" is more explicitly explanatory. If you can assure me that
CPA includes the non-CSP POP languages, I'll put in an "also known as" in
my website.

Is your book, or any part or variant of it, on the web in a form
accessible to occam/CSP newbies? I'll assemble a list of print references,
but that's a last resort, because practically speaking any interested
person is going to drop the thread at that point, unless web references
exist that show him it's worth his while. I've done my own share of
Amazon.com book ordering recently (in math), but in every case it's been
after I dug deep into the question via web-published articles.


> Hi Larry
> I'm right behind all the things you say.  However, I would much
> prefer the use of the term "Communicating Process
> Architecture" (CPA), after which we renamed the conference series
> that originated with the Transputer and Occam.
> Apart from linking to a mass of literature (the conference
> proceedings series) it also relates more strongly, I think, to
> "Communicating Sequential Processes" (CSP), and thus a second
> literature mass.
> I also wrote a little book called "Parallel Processing with
> Communicating Process Architecture" back in 1995 - although out of
> print, there are a few copies out there.
> All the best
> Ian
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