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my web site (was: RE: Occam and the parallel Playstation)


You're all invited to look at my new website, http://www.tjoccam.com
"Solid Ground in Computing". It was in response to an email exchange with
Mark Bereit, the author of the article Eric linked below. I hope it can do
its bit to promote the POP cause.

What's missing is a section with reference links. I want to include Erlang
too, not just occam. These are for newbies, which is what just about
anyone is nowadays. Mark has convinced me there are people out there who
really want what we have to offer.

Let me know any ideas... Eric already gave me one.



Hi Eric and all,

Following up your link, I got into an email exchange with Mark Bereit, the
author. Among other things he asked ---

> And separately, can you suggest any good links
> on background to occam and/or the Transputer so
> I can fill in some of my gaps?

Of course there are the Inmos manuals and various tech notes, but they are
hardcopy and presumably out of print. Are they available on line yet? Is
there any equivalent resource online? Just a newbie introduction of the
"Gosh, it's really that simple" kind.


Larry Dickson

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