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CPA 2006 - Call for Papers!

At last, and with many apologies for being so late with this, ...

Call for Papers / Call for Papers / Call for Papers / Call for Papers

High quality papers are invited for submission to:

  Communicating Process Architectures 2006
  The 7th. annual CPA conference (and 29th. from WoTUG)

  17th - 20th September 2005, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland

  URL: http://www.wotug.org/cpa2006/
  E-mail: cpa2006@xxxxxxxxx

Please see the website for primary information.  Specific links:

  http://wotug.org/cpa2006/call.shtml     (expanded call for papers)
  http://wotug.org/cpa2006/authors.shtml  (LaTeX/Word style/template)

Brief summary: CPA focusses on all aspects of concurrency - theory
and practice, software/middleware/hardware, and applications.
With multi-core processors arriving everywhere, being able to have
confidence with concurrency is crucial.  With concurrency problems
(e.g. protocol errors in peripheral drivers) diagnosed as the source
of 85% of errors from fault reports in common PC operating systems,
this has become a mainstream concern.  The CPA/WoTUG series of
technical conferences, stretching back 21 years, has been a major
driver of innovation and advance in this field.  Papers are now
solicited for this year's conference.  Share the excitement and
opportunities opened up by modern concurrency ideas, platforms,
tools and applications.  And tell us what you are doing!

Important dates:

  * Paper submission  - 19th June 2006
  * Paper acceptance notification  - 3rd July 2006
  * CRC submission  - 24th July 2006

Submitted papers will be strongly refereed.  Copyright of CPA
proceedings papers remains with the original authors. This makes
CPA an ideal venue for presenting early research that may be
suitable for future journal publication.  Your submission will be
critically reviewed and we promise strong feedback to both accepted
and rejected papers.  CPA conferences are intense experiences --
we aim for a ``workshop'' highly interactive atmosphere, with many
of us continuing late into the early hours ...

The Proceedings will be published by IOS Press <http://www.iospress.nl/>
in their Concurrent Systems Engineering series.

The registration fee is likely to be GBP 475.00 (may change) and
will cover accommodation for three nights (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday),
all meals (including the conference dinner) and one copy of the
proceedings.  A limited number of student bursaries (sponsored by
WoTUG and worth GBP 100 each) will be available at the discretion
of the organizing committee.  A signed letter from either supervisor
or department head must accompany the registration form testifying
status.  Preference will be given to those students submitting papers,
but first-come-first-served.