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CPA 2006 - Call for Papers


We must put our best foot forward on this: the advertising so far (I'm aware of
Peter's messages on occam-com, java-threads) and my postings to various internet
newsgroups - c.s.transputer, c.parallel, c.realtime among them) have resulted in
a mere handful of different host addresses accessing the website. Even if all of
those came we'd be in dire straits.

	Pass the Message on Far and Wide!

For those of you in contact with past attendees do explicitly encourage them to
attend this year.

For the committee's part, we are considering issues of coming under the umbrella
of the IEEE/ACM; we'll let you know what happens.

If we can do anything to help, please post to occam-com (if of general interest)
or to {cpa2006,chair,secretary,www}@wotug.org if a more private reply is



> At last, and with many apologies for being so late with this, ...
> =====================================================================
> Call for Papers / Call for Papers / Call for Papers / Call for Papers
> =====================================================================
> High quality papers are invited for submission to:
>   Communicating Process Architectures 2006
>   The 7th. annual CPA conference (and 29th. from WoTUG)
>   17th - 20th September 2005, Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland
>   URL: http://www.wotug.org/cpa2006/
>   E-mail: cpa2006@xxxxxxxxx