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Re: CSP/Occam Demo Cases

On Tue, 16 May 2006, Koehne Kai wrote:

>  I am currently preparing a presentation about the Grid-Occam project
> (www.grid-occam.org), and thought it would be cool to have a few
> "success stories" where CSP or - even better - occam was used in the
> real world. Something like: Look! The software for Ariane 5 was
> developed using this!!! And BMW used it for XXX !!!!! ... Well, you get
> the idea :-)

I didn't know about your project. Here at Southampton, we have just dusted
off our occam compiler SPoC
[http://www.hpcc.ecs.soton.ac.uk/software/spoc/] again; it might be useful
to you. Our current interest is mainly in exploring Aspect Oriented
Programming and "mix-ins"  for compiler design; I have a student who is
reimplementing SPoC in AspectJ to see how well it can capture the
capabilities of the Cocktail compiler design suite by Grosch

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