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Re: CPA: Where to publish?

>> ...and we still need a book. I'm willing to contribute two chapters, 
>> garnered and adapted from my 1995 one. Any more volunteers?
>From Dyke...
>I'll be glad to help - since I should be on sabbatical starting
>January 2003 (more or less).  I did have an outline of a book once - 
>I'll see if I can find it.
We missed the chance to talk this through at CPA '01. 
I think it'd be best to aim at the academic market for 
engineering/embedded software engineering and computing/concurrent & 
systems programming. I'd suggest an outline something like...
Title: Object-Oriented Systems Engineering with Communicating Process 
  1  Intro CSP
  2  Programming Communicating Processes (syntax + semantics of occam, 
transforms, etc)
  3  CPA Design (patterns, comparison with classic OOP)
  4  Deadlock avoidance (theory, design rules, tools (FDR, Jeremy's 
checker, etc))
  5  Applications
Chapter 6 from my PP/CPA book could form the basis of chapter 4.
Just a suggestion...

>A book that a faculty member could pick up and teach from immediately
>would be nice - sufficient theory background, solid practical background,
>great examples, a CD with running examples in Java & C/C++ and corresponding
>CSP descriptions, a version of FDR that will run under Windows and handle 
>any problem up to a certain size. At least one industrial-strength example
>should be included.
Here, I disagree. There are so many books already on Java, we'd be lost 
in the crowd. And personally...I hate it. Every day I send my thanks to 
the stars that a move here to use it as a teaching language was defeated 
(5 keywords to define a constant, need to comprehend OO before being able 
to express a simple algorithm,...)

Also I doubt FS would be keen to give away FDR in a book, but then they 
must use something for teaching themselves, and it might strike up new 

Students at the door...nowhere to hide!

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