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Re: CPA: Where to publish?

At 15:00 27/09/01 +0100, you wrote:
I think it'd be best to aim at the academic market for
engineering/embedded software engineering and computing/concurrent &
systems programming. I'd suggest an outline something like...
Title: Object-Oriented Systems Engineering with Communicating Process


I would hate to suppress a book, but I also think the market we need is the education-in-industry; academic courses these days are driven more by what industry wants (good thing IMO) so we need to generate a 'pull' for more CSP by writing a book that explains concurrency to the average programmer...

I thought of "Concurrency for beginners" but that's a bit bland.

How about "Programming in a parallel universe."?

Just thoughts... so far. I'd like to write a book myself, but at the moment my health prevents me doing that and a full-time job.