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Re: CPA: Where to publish?

> ...and we still need a book. I'm willing to contribute two chapters, 
> garnered and adapted from my 1995 one. Any more volunteers?

I'll be glad to help - since I should be on sabbatical starting
January 2003 (more or less).  I did have an outline of a book once - 
I'll see if I can find it.

A book that a faculty member could pick up and teach from immediately
would be nice - sufficient theory background, solid practical background,
great examples, a CD with running examples in Java & C/C++ and corresponding
CSP descriptions, a version of FDR that will run under Windows and handle 
any problem up to a certain size. At least one industrial-strength example
should be included.

This book could include sound CSP-based solutions of problems that are
considered very hard (or not solved) from other books...

Other venues with large audiences:

1. We get 60 - 70 people in our Java in Education sessions at
the June PDPTA meetings in Las Vegas.

2. The Association for Engineering Education has some huge annual
meetings - Frontiers in Education (which sounds like a natural for
this), and the general meeting. Check out

Their pubs are at

3. IEEE Computer Society has conferences on software engineering
   education and training.
   There is also the Information Technology Professional magazine.

   Check http://www.computer.org/SEweb/

   Annual conferences on software engineeering itself.

4. At a more general level, the IEEE has its Transactions on

I think someone already covered ACM meetings & pubs?


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