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Re: CPA: Where to publish?

p0072370 wrote:
> >How about Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE) -- we get it at ARM, but I
> >don't know how widespread it is.
> I'm not familiar with this but would like to become so. Do you have any
> further details - website, publisher?

It's a standard freebie circulated mainly among the electronics
community. The problem is usually in getting removed from the
circulation list. I used to get 3 copies each month. It is rather glossy
and looks very expensive to produce. 

Now I wonder if I have a copy to hand.... 
I have just found a European supplement that has a URL of
www.dotelectronics.com/ese, but be warned that it is MicroCrud poisoned
invalid html and scripts so it is impossible to use with any real
computers :-). No, :-(

Dr A E Lawrence