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RE: OO and CSP

Hi Marcel
I'm trying to understand what concurrent objects
might reasonably mean.  I am not a "true believer" in
OO, so if I misconstrue the dogma, please forgive me.

> John wrote:
> > What are the performance implications if you allow object-to-
> > object channels?  At the top level, the concept doesn't seem
> > difficult, but at the system implementation level, the implied
> > handshaking between all participants in an event would 
> > require a combinatorial expansion of low-level communication,
> > wouldn't it?
> - CSP is a very good form of object orientation

OO seems to address the semantic relationship
of interfacing entities.  CSP addresses concurrency
behavior.  To my way of thinking, these are orthoganal
concepts. But, if not, please enlighten me. Thats
why I posted in the first place. 

> - I have (strong) doubts whether the direction John suggests
>   is the right one at all.

Whoa! I'm not suggesting a direction to go in. I'm
trying to understand the meaning of a concept.  But
if you have specific objections, that would in fact
help me to understand the concept.