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Re: Data Sharing Problem

M_Boosten wrote:
>> I think Andrew made a very good point.
>   - Garbage Collection is a relatively uninteresting topic in the context
>     of CSP.
>   - "Data Sharing" is a problem in OO.
>   - "Data Sharing" is NOT addressed adequately by "practical" CSP.

I don't want to be too picky, but we really ought to distinguish between
CSP and occam. They overlap, but they are not the same.

The "data" aspects in the present sense are really about occam, and a
very good job it does in terms of anti-aliasing, CREW, abbreviation and
so on. But most of us would like a more powerful type system: that is
better data abstraction, at least. 

And there is much more to CSP than occam.

I admit that I have extended the scope of HCSP to encompass a bit of the
data aspect of occam so we can reason precisely about more than just the
communication aspects of occam. And I did cover data sharing a little
there: halos and such. But otherwise CSP is really disjoint from data in
the usual imperative sense.

Dr A E Lawrence