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Re: OO and CSP

Hi All,

John wrote:
> What are the performance implications if you allow object-to-
> object channels?  At the top level, the concept doesn't seem
> difficult, but at the system implementation level, the implied
> handshaking between all participants in an event would 
> require a combinatorial expansion of low-level communication,
> wouldn't it?

Two years back at the WoTUG conference, I presented a few
handwritten slides on combining OO and CSP.  These days, I
think the following:

- CSP is a very good form of object orientation
  (Peter Welch has already said this many times.)

- I think many OO practices are fundamentally not
  true OO.  I think CSP is true OO.
- Mixing CSP with bad OO practices is persuasive,
  but intrinsically wrong.

- I have (strong) doubts whether the direction John suggests
  is the right one at all.