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Re: Inheritance that can add/remove and new occam?

Lawrence Dickson wrote:

> Twanging on my single harp-string again:
> Much can be done with a simple dynamic OS that stacks occam processes
> running as independent programs, connecting to previously defined
> (allocated) channels which go idle after the child program finishes.

Anyone here remember Perihelion's Helios? It was a Unix like thing for
transputers. It had a shell scripting language that allowed programs to be
conjoined in a sort-of CSP like way. It was explicitly intended to allow systems
to be constructed from components that communicated through pipes (in the Unix
sense), although these pipes were lighter-weight things that were clearly
influenced by occam channels. The Unix process components were programmed in C
(IIRC, the only programming language on Helios was C).


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