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RE: CSP-OZ Backtracking.


	The point is in the implementation (Java) version of the
specification, we will
	need this kind of behaviour. 

My point was that even though CSP doesn't specifically include
back-tracking as part of its model, you can get that effect with
suitably contrived inter process events.  Getting it right, without
some sort of transformation tool might be tedious, but should be
possible.  You're going to have to determine exactly what sequences of
events comprise a backtrack, and program it that way. 

This is the point but I am not tring to find or derive some new theory... 

I suspect that if you articulate what you mean by backtracking,
a set of tranformation rules will become apparent.  Such
transformation rules would guide you to the right set of "contrived"
events that implement your back tracking in CSP.  Thats all I
meant by a new CSP theory. -jc