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Re: rewriting CSP processes

Larry, Stephen, and everyone else ...

>    In all this discussion of multiple clocks and 
> unclocked logic, I think this is the first mention
> of metastability.

The book I mentioned before has more information than I remembered:

"Introduction to VLSI Systems" by Carver Mead & Lynn Conway (A classic book
on VLSI design) from ~1980.

In particular,

Chapter 7, "System Timing" (writtern by Charles L Seitz) details the
metastability issues and describes, with examples, self-timed systems.

Chapter 9, "Physics of Computational Systems" includes the limit Stephen
reminded us of.

Most projections go to 0.25 micron technology (a long way from the 5 micron
limit at the time) but not quite as far as today's achievements.

[I have a second printing of the first edition. I'm not aware of a later
edition, but it has been a while since I was designing directly on silicon,
does anyone know if there has been an update?]

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