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Re: protocol standards that use formal specification of behavior?


"Principles of Protocol Design" by Robin Sharp uses CSP to describe how the protocols work:

Out of print I'm afraid, but you can contact Robin to get an update on the new edition (says so on the linked page above).

Good book - it teaches you the basics of what goes into the design of protocols and it is in fact easy to understand since the formal things are described in CSP! ;-)


Alan Grover wrote:
Hi all,

I'm working on a SAE standards committee that is trying to add the specification of protocol behavior to their standard.  There are camps of opinion that prefer RPCs, UMLish state machines, and IETF style descriptive-text-plus-illustrative diagrams approaches.  I'm trying to move things in a CSP'ish direction, but it has been a hard sell so far.

Does anyone know of a published protocol standard that formally specifies behavior, including any that use something CSPish?


Alan Grover

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