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Distributed application using CTJ???


I´ve been studing jcsp and ctj recently...
I´d like to know if someone have implemented an distributed application
using CTJ. I´m trying implement a simple test, as a matrix multiplication,
but i´ve got a lot of  problems.
I´ve followed the steps indicated in the ctj´docs but i could not get
success working with it, yet.
My mainly problem is in the configuration of the channels to use link

I´ve implemented the same problem using java sockets and everything is
running well...

I´d like take a look in a simple example using 3 process, each process in a
machine.  If someone have implemented, could please send me a copy???

Thanks in advance.

Geraldo Pereira de Souza (geraldo@xxxxxxxxxx)
Laboratório de Sistemas Integrados e Concorrentes - LAICO
Universidade de Brasília - UNB
55-61-307-2702 ramal 228