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Re: Java Live | January 9, 2001

In a !java-threads mailing-list letter entitled "Java Live | January 9,
2001", Gerald H. Hilderink <g.h.hilderink@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

>Concurrency should not be for specialists only. In my opinion, reading his
>book would be a waste of time. Many people trust and follow books, so, maybe
>we should write one for the non-specialists!

    I've  been lurking on this mailing list for several years (I think).
That's a wonderful suggestion, a book about the CSP way for Java.

    Talking as a non-expert in everything, I have been very disappointed
by  the  books  for Java dealing with concurrency.  The truth is, no one
knows concurrency deeply enough to write clearly and simply.  Even Bruce
Eckel's  admirable book "Thinking in Java" falls flat at the concurrency

    So yes, what a wonderful thing to see said in this mailing list.

    Hip, hip... hooray!

With kind regards,

Alexander Anderson

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