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A book about concurrency and JCSP?

I could not agree more. If I knew enough JCSP, I'd write it myself.


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On 1/27/01, 8:00:45 AM, Alexander Anderson <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote 
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> In a !java-threads mailing-list letter entitled "Java Live | January 9,
> 2001", Gerald H. Hilderink <g.h.hilderink@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote

> >Concurrency should not be for specialists only. In my opinion, reading 
> >book would be a waste of time. Many people trust and follow books, so, 
> >we should write one for the non-specialists!

>     I've  been lurking on this mailing list for several years (I think).
> That's a wonderful suggestion, a book about the CSP way for Java.

>     Talking as a non-expert in everything, I have been very disappointed
> by  the  books  for Java dealing with concurrency.  The truth is, no one
> knows concurrency deeply enough to write clearly and simply.  Even Bruce
> Eckel's  admirable book "Thinking in Java" falls flat at the concurrency
> chapter.

>     So yes, what a wonderful thing to see said in this mailing list.

>     Hip, hip... hooray!

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