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Experience with JCSP

Following is verbatim copy of message that I sent few days ago to
Peter Welch. Unfortunately, I am not authorized to disclose my affiliation.

"...I have just finished development of a driver to real time vehicle routing and
load optimization system. This is 100% JCSP, and quite complex: about 50 CSProcesses,
and well over 200 channels (however, I have never counted them :) It took only
about a month, a small fraction of time estimated on the basis of our previous
efforts with other threading libraries. There was almost no debugging, except
for fixing typos and ordinary stupidity, as well as some problems with initial
functional design.

JCSP itself didn't create any problems (I was using only jscp.lang package).

Most likely I will make a revision of first release: I have been using only
"standard" CSP channels, but in seems clear that using call channels would 
simplify the design. 

Regarding the functionality provided by JCSP: some support for debugging 
would be useful, such as exposing (read only) some internals of Parallel 
object, such as number of processes that are active, or get access to 
processes maintained by Parallel. In addition, I spent quite a bit of time 
developing facilities for building and logging the "trace". It would be 
good to have some pre-cooked functionality that would support getting the trace.

Anyway, congratulations for developing great library!..."

Comment: this is not a toy problem, this is a part of 20 man/years commercial 

Andrzej Lewandowski