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CPA 2014 - programme and *final call for delegates*


      Communicating Process Architectures (CPA) 2014

  The 36th WoTUG Conference on Concurrent and Parallel Systems

  Sunday (evening) 24th. - Wednesday (lunch) 27th. August 2014

  Hosts: Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford


This is the final call for delegates to attend CPA 2014, hosted this year
by the ancestral home of Tony Hoare's Communicating Sequential Processes.

The provisional programme is now available at:


This gives titles and abstracts for our Keynote talks, accepted papers,
workshops and fringe presentations.  We have three Keynote speakers
this year: Bill Roscoe (HoD, CS, Oxford), Jim Woodcock (HoD, CS, York)
and Roger Shepherd (ex-Inmos/STMicroelectronics, one of the founding
and long-term chief engineers of the transputer).

This will be a working conference!  New this year are a range of workshops
covering a wide range of themes.  There may not be time to run all of
them - delegates will be asked to give preferences at the start of the

We are still open for offers to lead further workshops and, of course,
for offers of fringe presentations - just mail us at:


with details following the form of those on the programme page above.

Registration details are at:


There are still some student registrations available, with discounts
of £200, thanks to bursary support from University College, Oxford,
and WoTUG.

We apologise for the lateness of this final call!  The University of
Oxford Online Store (linked from the bottom of the above registration
page) is currently set to close this coming Tuesday (12th. August, 2014).
We are trying to get this deadline relaxed.  If you want to come, we
want you to come!  *Please register before Tuesday* if you can.  If not,
or if you have any difficulty in registering, please mail us at:


Proceedings will be available on-line at the conference, with the book
mailed to delegates afterwards.  It is hoped that write-ups of the outcomes
from the workshops will be included in the book.

Other conference details (e.g. on the fringe, location and organising
committee) are available from sidebar links on any of the conference web

Thank you very much for your attention,

Peter Welch (WoTUG Chair).