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Re: Java Jigsaw


I'm afraid AFAIK, Project Jigsaw is a project to split the giant Java standard library (which includes java.lang.*, java.util* but also all sorts of security managers and XML processors and so on) into a set of composable library modules so that you can create a smaller JDK when packaging your application with the JDK -- at the moment, if you want a standalone installer for your application, you have to create an application package which includes the entire JDK even if you're only using 5% of it.  Jigsaw will let you package only the module(s) that include the 5% you want.



On 03/07/2014 11:23, Barry (4Links) wrote:
From: http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jigsaw/goals-reqs/03
  • Refactoring — It must be possible to refactor the set of JDK modules over time, by splitting a module into smaller modules or merging an existing set of modules into a single module, without having to modify any external component that makes use of the original modules.

Which looks encouraging - but I didn't spot any indication of how data is passed between modules (of course, I'm hoping to see something like CSP message-passing).

Does anyone know more about this (I've just seen a headline and the above reference)?