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Re: Occam Programming

Farah Lakhani wrote:
> Dear Folks,
> Using KROC on fedora an using Emacs editor for writing programs but as i am new
> to occam facing a lot of difficulties specially about indentation , althogh
> know a little bit about indentation rules , can any one guide me about is there
> any editor for fedora which takes care of indentation itself or auto indent 

I use origami on linux systems. Not as capable as vim/emacs and friends
but built in the occam community. Has a few bugs and a disgusting source
as the result of having been machine translated from another language
(Pascal IIRC) in the distant past. I can send you a tarball on request.
It might/should just compile on Fedora: the binary might even work

There is a small learning curve. Tutorial included but might need a bit
of further explanation, especially around key binding - which is
completely flexible, but will need a bit of effort to adjust. Default
key binding sometimes in minor conflict with kde/gnome, but easily
resolved with minor adjustments. Said default key bindings make
intuitive use of keypad: can be a pain on a laptop without keypad

If you already know vim well, that is probably the best option.
Otherwise origami is easier and simpler as a short term solution.
However, it probably has the most comprehensive folding support.

Adrian Lawrence