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Re: CPA 2006 - Call for Papers

On Tue, 23 May 2006, Ruth Ivimey-Cook wrote:

> We must put our best foot forward on this: the advertising so far (I'm
> aware of Peter's messages on occam-com, java-threads) and my postings to
> various internet newsgroups - c.s.transputer, c.parallel, c.realtime
> among them) have resulted in a mere handful of different host addresses
> accessing the website. Even if all of those came we'd be in dire
> straits.

I'd really like to come. I could probably even find something interesting
to present, but I simply cannot justify the 475 registration fee. As we
are now such a minority, I don't believe we can accommodate the standard
University gouging conference rates. It's all very well for GGF, with
eScience money to burn (although I've complained there too), but a
pressure group like us can't afford it.

To set a simple comparison, when the Conservative party held their 
conferences at the Grand Hotel in Brighton (in some danger) we Liberals 
camped with our girlfriends (now wives) in a field outside Eastbourne.

So, in short, pick a nice location (mountain or sea), hire a Church Hall
or Scout Hut with a field and a few cheap hotels nearby, and do the whole
thing for less than 100 plus travel. The atmosphere will be better for
it. I cycled to CPA2003.

It cannot be beyond our wits to achieve RAE-acceptable published 
proceedings by a variety of cheap mechanisms.

PS It's fun to camp at Oxford conferences; there is a good campsite just 
off the A34 by the southern bypass with a nice cycle route into the 

Best wishes,

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