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RE: Process Placement in Occam 2.1 / INMOS Occam test suite


thank you both, Michael and Larry, for your comments. I was not even aware that INMOS provided its own configuration language ... I just retrieved a few books about occam from the local library, and namely a book written by you, Michael, and Geraint Jones clarifies many of the issues I had concerning PLACED PAR. The standard is really extremely vague about this whole issue; maybe this is why they put it in the annex.

I have yet another question :-) While trying to find out if the "new configuration language" for SPOC that the occam-for-all project suggests was actually developed, I just found following text snippet:

"Current work consists of compiler validation using the INMOS Occam test suite [...]"

Do you know if this "Occam test suite" is available for free? And if yes, where can I get it? Or is it just the example programs that are distributed with SPOC?


Kai Koehne

BTW: The productions for IF and ALT in the standard are not ambiguous, only placedpar is.