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Process Placement in Occam 2.1

Hi all,
I have a specific question concerning the Occam 2.1 standard. The question is if this is legal occam: 
  PROCESSOR 1              -- PROCESSOR outside PLACED PAR!!
The BNF grammar that is part of the standard allows it:
parallel     = ...
                | placedpar
placedpar = PLACED PAR
                    { placedbar }
                | PLACED PAR replicator
                | PROCESSOR expression
process    = ...
                | parallel
                | ...
However, all examples I have seen are nesting PROCESSOR inside a PLACED PAR construct?!! Unfortunately, I cannot write a simple test program because I have only access to kroc (which does not support process placement). So I thought it would be easiest to ask you :-)
Kind regards,
Kai Koehne