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RE: Process Placement in Occam 2.1 / INMOS Occam test suite

> Hi,
> thank you both, Michael and Larry, for your comments. I was not even aware
> that INMOS provided its own configuration language ... I just retrieved a
> few books about occam from the local library, and namely a book written by
> you, Michael, and Geraint Jones clarifies many of the issues I had
> concerning PLACED PAR.
> <SNIP>

Which book is this?

Speaking of books: Is there any standard occam reference that includes the
configurer and other 1990-era features? I have always used a couple of big
1990 ringback manuals that say they are for the Beta edition.

Larry Dickson

> Regards,
> Kai Koehne
> BTW: The productions for IF and ALT in the standard are not ambiguous,
> only placedpar is.