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OO vs. CSP - Papers, Arguments?


I am just starting to work on my master thesis that aims to extend Occam to become a useful coordination language for Grid Computing. I already read a lot about CSP, Occam and diverse extensions of it. However, I think that I am still missing answers to an important question: What are the main advantages/disadvantages of the CSP approach in contrast to concurrent object oriented aproaches?

My perception is that CSP just feels more "natural" when it comes to concurrent programming, but I am sure that there are a lot more sound and sophisticated opinions on this topic 'out there'. The only reasoning I am aware of is in a presentation of Peter Welch called "Communicating Processes, Components and Scaleable Systems" where he states that OO is not providing "real" data encapsulation. I would be very grateful if you could provide me hints on further comparisons ...

Regards and thanks in advance,

Kai Koehne
University of Potsdam, Germany