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Re: Stackless Python

neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


Has anyone come across Stackless Python (http://www.stackless.com/)
before?  I've just seen some links to it, and it looks very CSP-like,
Stackless does provide a reasonable basis for a CSP implementation. The channels do have CSP-like semantics.

A while back I started building a full set of CSP primitives for Stackless but I switched to greenlets (a spin off from the stackless project). This was partly because greenlets run as a C extension to a standard Python build (stackless is a fork), and partly because greenlets have a very nice and concise API (while the stackless API is over-complex to my mind). Tasklet pickling is not supported by greenlets.

I now have ALT, PAR, timers, regular and call channels, CREW locks, and the scheduler is integrated with Twisted so programming CSP based web servers is a cinch. All this stuff will go out on livelogix.net with a liberal license sometime soon, ish...