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Re: Perception of WoTUG and occam and transputers

I'll weigh in against a name change, because I think we're kidding ourselves
if we think it will evade the prejudice. They'll just say "XYZ, oh that's
just the old transputer bunch - ignore them." We have to make our case
to a new generation - the old one has a vested interest. And people who
cringe under pressure lose. Think of the American "Teamsters Union" (truch
drivers) who keep their trademark name but don't restrict themselves to
teams of horses.

If a name change is made I prefer "Occam Users Group" because of its
specificity. The other suggestions do have meaning, but they sound like
they don't - they sound like the names of all the other organizations -
and won't be remembered.

Does anyone have details on the new Transputer-like chips that someone
mentioned - I can't lay hands on the email - my employer may have a need
for fast link communication in a test system.

Larry Dickson