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Re: Perception of WoTUG and occam and transputers

Tony Gore wrote:

This is a difficult one. However, I like the name "Communicating Process
Architecture Society".

I think that a transition is needed, but have a suggestion as to how to
keep the WoTUG "brand"

Call it "Communicating Process Architecture Society incorporating WoTUG"
for a transition period of a couple of years or so, and then eventually
the "incorporating WoTUG" can be dropped. This is what some companies
and learned societies do when abosrbing or merging.

   cpasoc.org is not registered
   cpa-soc.org is not registered

I would support Tony's suggestion. I would also favour the stated aim of demonstrating that the concepts and principles we espouse are language and hardware agnostic. I am (mildly) in favour of a change of name.

My colleague has just returned from an Ada conference - yes they're still doing Ada (and yes, we're still doing occam). Which reminds me that the strengths of Ada are occam's weaknesses (the type and package systems) and the weaknesses of Ada (and many languages) are occam's strengths, namely the rigourous mathematical foundation and the communication process architecture.

In an ideal world, I'd would have designed a hybrid best of breed in about 1985 and the world would be happily using it for embedded systems to this day. I dream. :-)


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