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Re: Objects, processes, and encapsulation

In a message dated 09/10/2001 16:53:12 GMT Daylight Time, tjoccam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Don't be so gloomy Ian... If we can just get a WORKING
MODEL over something like RTLinux we can show the world
how easy it is to do things that are incredibly
difficult in OO. Like sensors and robotics.

Gloomy? Not sure. I don't feel gloomy. But nearly twenty years
after becoming convinced about using the CSP/occam style of
design and programming (and most of my experience in that
time has been in the areas you talk about: sensors, robotics,
vision, graphics, and simulation) I do find it hard to be optimistic
about how quickly the truth takes to percolate out into the

That it finally will out, I have no doubt about. The world has
not yet come up with a better solution, and the problem is
getting bigger all the time - c.f. Andrzej's 1m line system.
These two issues, I believe, force the outcome (but
unfortunately not the timescale)

Personally, I have only written much smaller programs than
Andrzej's 1m lines - and I thought they were hard enough!  
Interestingly (but not surprisingly), Tony Hoare's original
inspiration for creating CSP was to understand and reason
about real-time programs that were completely trivial in size
compared with 1m lines.

No, I'm not gloomy; but I am more realistic now about how
long it takes for things to become mainstream. I think there
is a perspective in which twenty years has hardly made a dent
in the "real world's" grip on the problem - let alone the solution!

Keep the faith!