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RE: Objects, processes, and encapsulation

> Currently, we are experimenting with RTLinux for building control
> applications. We use RTLinux purely for its operating system resources
> (network, windows, filesystem etc.). Our real-time control application
> is build with our "CSP for C++" (CTC++) and runs on one real-time thread
> (whatever that is?). CTC++ contains a real-time (nestable) scheduler and
> runs on top of RTLinux. Other Linux threads are used for the Linux (soft
> or non real-time) tasks that are related to the operating system. "CSP
> for C++" (CTC++) is much easier to use than the multithreading (POSIX)
> stuff for our control engineer students. The learning cycle for CTC++ is
> much lower than learning and mastering POSIX. Special channels
> communicate with the OS resources and the Linux tasks. These channels
> use the rt-fifo's.

Marvellous! That sounds like something we've been looking into as well (well,
at least the RTLinux stuff, that is. We don't have C++ channels (yet)) Maybe
this work would be usefull for others in real-time control as well. Have you
thought about making it available to the world at large?

Johan Sunter

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