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Re: Objects, processes, and encapsulation

> The most important design pattern in OO is the
>     Model-View
>     or
>     Model-Observer
>     or
>     Model-View-Controller
>     or
>     Representation-Presentation-Access
Yes, that is a very often used design pattern. Don't forget that the whole
callback business is regarded as a design pattern as well, the 'Publisher-Subscriber'
pattern. That is a pattern that is often (mis)used as well.

>Gerards solution with the ALT does not work very well:
>     The View should always be able to receive the
>     ChangeNotification
>I'm not sure whether Ians suggestions work: both model
>     and view must be able to initiate the communication
>     at some arbitrary point in time (in trace :-) )
>In my opinion, the problem should be solved by making
>the ChangeNotification and Asynchronous channel.  For
>example, an OverwritingOnePlaceBufferChannel.

Probably most design patterns can easily be changed into process
forms. This could be the beginning of a book, perhaps with title
'Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Process-Oriented Software'?
But seriously, we could look into process patterns (such as the
client-server model) and try to find out what sort of behaviourial
aspects we can guarantee with CSP.

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