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Re: Objects, processes, and encapsulation

Gerard, Ian, Tom, Peter, others...

The most important design pattern in OO is the

Design Pattern (these are all pretty much the same in different contexts).

The Model is a Class that is primarily a data class. It represents the
"world" that is manipulated.

Views/Observers/Controllers/... are objects that can change (manipulate)
the model, and that react to changes in the Model (for example by
redrawing the GUI representation of the Model in the screen).

Typically, multiple View-Objects are related to the same Model Object.

     Model --(ChangeNotification)--> View

In OO:
     * The ChangeOperation is a method call, typically
       returning a result of the ChangeOperation.
     * The ChangeNotification is a typically callback
      (both method calls)

Gerards solution with the ALT does not work very well:
     The View should always be able to receive the

I'm not sure whether Ians suggestions work: both model
     and view must be able to initiate the communication
     at some arbitrary point in time (in trace :-) )

In my opinion, the problem should be solved by making
the ChangeNotification and Asynchronous channel.  For
example, an OverwritingOnePlaceBufferChannel.

What do you think?


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