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Re: Objects, processes, and encapsulation


>Cyclic & Synchronous relationships are a problem: in CSP and in OO.
>Should they be rulled out? If so, how? If not, how should they be dealt with?
Precisely this sort of relationship is ruled out by enforcing the C/S 
design rule (which I should add originated with Peter).

Am enclosing a copy of the chapter in my little book which dealt with 
deadlock avoidance. (UCL Press have bequeathed me all copyright, which I 
hereby pass on to current subscribers, with the usual caveats. Hope it 
survives the transition to Windoze, or Unix, from Mac.)

The question is whether this rule is too restrictive, or whether a wide 
enough (?) range of useful systems can be built this way. Combining 
design rules, in general, is not a solved problem.


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