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occam: "inability to encapsulate objects"(?)


   In [1] Geoff Barrett writes: "Although there are methods of
   code re-use available in some occam implementations, there
   is no language-defined standard for structuring of components.
   While the flat name space of occam and the inability to
   encapsulate objects simplifies the understanding of small
   programs which stand alone, further mechanisms are needed to
   enable a program to be built using predefined components and to
   simplify interfaces between the 'separate comprehension unit'
   of a program."

   While the #USE separate compilation mechanism is a low-end
   module mechanism, OBJECTS, no matter what I define them to be
   in occam, seem like something which is very encapsulated in
   occam, with usage rules, aliasing checks, and channel-only
   dynamic interface to processes. What does Barrett mean by
   "the inability to encapsulate objects"?

   (I'm writing a paper to submit to CPA-2001, and I need
   to understand this.)

   [1] Geoff Barrett, "The Development of Occam: Types, Classes
   and Sharing". In: Real-Time Systems with Transputers,
   Proceedings of the 13th occam User Group, York, 1990.
   H.S.M. Zedan (ed.) ISNB 90-5199-041-3 (PAGE 139)

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