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RE: Micron...

Dyke wrote:
> I'll be doing a seminar at Micron in a couple of weeks. I hear (sort 
> of confidentially) that they are looking at building systems on chips.
> I remember Inmos & others considering similar things in the past. Any
> pointers to papers, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
We are also looking at this technology to build a system.  More accurately
we are planning to use an ALTERA system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC).  This
offers a hard core implementation of a processor (an ARM at 200MHz)and
programmable logic which interconnects to this core.

If we succeed this will take us back to the basic concept of the transputer
(1985).  We plan to keep many of the features of the transputer except
instead of direct point to point communication, all our communication will
take place via packet routing switches.

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