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Re: occam: "inability to encapsulate objects"(?)

Possible hints from the quote itself:
   "flat name space" means polymorphism is missing?
   "structuring of components" - I suppose he is 
using "components" in the OO sense, with hidden global
definitions. "object" and "predefined components" must
also be in the OO sense, of a structure with associated
methods, all hidden and global. And "interfaces" must 
be in the OO sense, and who knows what that means.
   He actually answers himself, by saying that small
code modules are easier to understand the occam way.
We need to educate people that a REAL component is a
separately existing program, self-sufficient and
running independently, and a REAL interface is a
connection (channel) and communication protocol. 
Like printers, car parts and other things that
REALLY work. And never need any modules that are
not small!
   Larry Dickson

PS. NASA is having all kinds of trouble with its
computers... can we help?