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Inheritance that can add/remove and new occam?


When I make library code of occam programs I end up wanting some
action to be constrained. Either I don't want to send on a 
channel (because I have no server listening) or I don't want
to listen on a channel (or want to listen on a channel that
wasn't there originally). Now I use boolean flags (parameters)
to get something like this.

What I'm saying is: I want the local ALT to be "connected"
with a new and dynamic branch, and perhaps even have removed
a branch. I also want a local "!" (send) to be 
qualified/constrained by some kind of (dynamic?) flag; perhaps
this is saying that I do or don't want to handle some part
of the code (no: that output channel should really disappear).

I would like a "new occam" to have this functionality, but
is this possible without some kind of inheritance (like in
SC++)?? (But then, inheritance can't remove, only add..)

Is this possible in JCSP or CTJ?

Which proves this is no religion: we do see shortcomings.


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